Ángel Falls

Expedition Canaima - Angel Falls - 2days/1night.
From Ciudad Bolivar

Firts day:

Flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima at : 08:30.am
Walk to Puerto Ucaima,including a visit to the Mirador of Ucaima falls.
Boat trip upriver to angel falls including a 30.minutes walk to the top of the Mayupa rapids. There you get to know the Pozo de la Felicidad.
When we get to Raton Island. There we have lunch at: 12:30.pm.
Excursion trough the jungle to the Mirador Layme in front of Angel Falls.
Refreshing bath at the base of Angel falls.
Return to Raton camp.(opposite to Angel Falls) dinner
Sleep in hammocks with mosquitoes nets and blanket in Raton Island.

Second day:

Breakfast. at:08:30.am
Excursion by boat in Canaima lagoon taking a look of the falls such as Ucaima,Golondrina,Wadaima and Hacha falls.
When we reach the Anatoly Island we take a walk trough the forest and savannah to get to Sapo and Sapito falls.
Free time in posada “Wey Tepuy”
Return to Canaima airport at: 02:00.pm. Flight from Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar.
Arrival in Ciudad Bolivar at :03:00.pm.
Transfer from the airport to the hotel or bus station. end of the service.

Canaima –Angel Falls-2days/1nights.

Service includes:
Transportatión. (Hotel-Airport-Hotel)
Flights.(Ciudad Bolivar-Canaima-Ciudad Bolivar)
English speaking guide.

Price of the expedition:.per/person.
Extra cost:
Entrance fee in the national park:……….650 Bs Fuertes. p/person.
Airport tax:…………………………………60 Bs Fuertes p/person.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Photos from Ángel Falls and Canaima

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