Expedition: Caura River- 5 days - 4 night - From Ciudad Bolívar

1- First Day.

(Transfer from Ciudad Bolivar to Maripa camp la Cocuiza) at 01:00.pm after lunch we leave the Maripa port where we aboard a boat to navigate the Caura river with excellent opportunity to take photographs of our beautiful forest accompany immense vegetation. Reaching the cocuiza falls, there we have the churuata camp. Dinner overnight in hammocks with mosquito’s nets and blanket. The sounds of the night insects form a concert that we all will enjoy and make with the fresh breeze in the early morning.

2- Second Day.

(From Cocuiza camp to the Playon camp.)breakfast from: 08:00.am to 10:0.am.practice fish catching, after fish catching we can continue navigating for approximately 6 hours until we reach the beach el playon,where we take a fresh bath on the beach, after that dinner and rest, but before go to bed we all get together to share the beautiful and different experiences we have had in this unforgettable adventure travelling in the river. Overnight in hammock with mosquitoes net and blanket.

3- Third Day. 

(Camp el Playon to Para falls) after breakfast, we start walking through the Para falls for 2 ½ hours. After a short rest we return back travelling trough the most attractive sites to observe the most beautiful water which forms a courting of the Para falls. And if you whish you can take some pictures. After approximately 2 ½ hours of tour. We return and that gives us a total of 06 hours of excursions. After travelling trough a world of fantasy. We all take a bath on the beach, after dinner. Overnight in hammock with mosquitoes net and blanket.

4- Fourth Day.

(The Playon camp to the Cocuiza camp.)Breakfast from 08:00.am to 11:00.am. Sports competitions, good bye between the natives and the tourist. After a long rest and a good bath, we return trough the highway Maripa to the Cocuiza camp where we all have dinner and overnight in hammock with mosquitoes net and blanket.

5- Fifth Day.

(The Cocuiza camp – Maripa - ciudad Bolivar) after breakfast, we left for Maripa to get there at about 12:00.pm, to have lunch and a short rest, we aboard our transport which will take us back to our destination Ciudad Bolivar. End of the excursion.

Expediction: Rio Caura-5 days/4 nights.

Service includes:

Food: 04 breakfast-05 lunchs-04 dinners.
Drinks: Mineral water and coke.
Transfers: Ciudad Bolívar-Maripa-Ciudad Bolívar.
Guide: Bilingual.
Transport: by land.
Equipments: hammocks-mosquitoes nets-blankets.

Price of the expedition:.per/person. Consult
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Photos Caura River

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