Expedition to Cave of Kavac

Canaima is an indigenous community in the nor Eastern sector of the Nacional Park of Canaima located at the borders of the lagoon of the same name and surrounded by spectacularly water falls like the Sapo, the Sapito, Yuri and Hacha, we could say that it is the capital of the park if this it were a state, there are great variety of places to visit famous al around the world by its great beauty and tourist importance,

Not very far about 20 mnts. Of flight in a small airplane or 4 hours in curiara (indigenous canoe) and walking is the majestic Angel waterfall, the highest of the world with approx 1000 mts. High. Its river the churum that is born in the stop of the Auyantepuy ends at the Carrao River and forms the lagoon of Canaima as well finishing in the Caroní River a few kilometers from this community.

Other turistic places: Salto Yuri, the Rápidos of Mayupa, the Caves of Kavac in the valley of Kamarata to the south of the Auyantepuy, the cave of Uruyén to the west of Auyantepuy, the island the Orquídea where the rivers Carrao and Churum are united.

The age of Auyantepuy is considered from 1.200 to 1.600 million years equal age has these famous caves worthy to admire.

The access to Canaima is possible by airplane since not yet any road have been constructed , in our page you will be able to have more details of our excursions and photography’s.

Price of the expedition:.per/person.

Photos from Ángel Falls and Canaima

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